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Pro-Lite provides a variety of services to support customers working in photonics, lighting and remote sensing, including training, equipment rental, and coating and reflector fabrication services for Labsphere Spectralon and diffuse reflectance coatings. In addition, we undertake certified recalibration for reflectance and colour standards. Our measurement services include reflectance, transmittance and scatter (BRDF & BTDF) and for lighting products, we measure flux, efficiency, colour temperature and rendering and we perform goniometric measurements to generate photometric data fliles and assess photobiological safety with respect to EN 62471.

Calibration Services


Diffuse Reflectance Coating Service


Equipment Hire

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Pro-Lite provides a service for the recalibration of reflectance standards and targets from 250-2500nm. The reflectance and transmittance measurements are performed using a state-of-the-art
Perkin Elmer dual-beam, ratio-recording spectrophotometer, either Lambda 950 or Lambda 19, which are both equipped with a 150mm Labsphere Spectralon integrating sphere for an 8°/H collection geometry.

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Pro-Lite offers a coating service for our Labsphere diffuse reflectance coatings. We offer a range of diffuse reflectance coatings for use in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared regions. Our services range from the coating of customer-supplied parts to the design, fabrication, and testing of complete reflector assemblies. We provide coating services for single components as well as for OEM needs.

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Pro-Lite rents photometers, colorimeters and spectroradiometers that are used to measure the "brightness" and colour of displays and all manner of light sources (lamps, luminaires, LEDs etc). Rental is a cost-effective option for short-term projects or when your meter is back for repair or reclaibration. Expert applications support comes as standard.

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Measurement Services


Spectralon Reflector




Measurement Services   Spectralon Reflector Fabrication Service   Training

Pro-Lite's measurement services include reflectance, transmittance and scatter (BRDF, BTDF and TIS) and for lighting and display products, we measure the luminous flux, luminance, illuminance, luminous efficacy, CIE chromaticity, colour temperature (CCT) and colour rendering. We perform goniometric measurements to generate photometric data fliles for lighting products, the beam distribution of vehicle lighting and the view angle of displays. We also assess the photobiological risk group of lighting products per EN 62471.

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Pro-Lite offers a fabrication service for reflectance products made from Labsphere Spectralon, a solid and extermely stable thermoplastic that exhibits the highest diffuse reflectance of any material from 250-2500nm. Appplications include integrating spheres, laser cavity pumping chambers, reflectance standards and targets, lamp reflectors, display backpanel lighting and reflectors for digital imaging devices.

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Pro-Lite delivers training in three subjects: laser safety (with reference to EN 60825); photometry and light measurement; and the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting (with reference to EN 62471). Training is presented in our of our two training facilities (Milton Keynes and Cheltenham) where there is the opportunity of practical experience, or we can deliver a bespoke training course to a client in-house.

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