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The Scatter Works (TSW) scatterometers are supplied and suported by Pro-Lite in Europe. TSW's reflective & transmissive scatterometers provide measurements of BRDF and BTDF from the UV to the mid IR. The following instruments vary greatly in both price and capability. User choices need to be dictated by user requirements. For example, all of the instruments can be purchased with different wavelength sources. This information is only an overview, but will help you narrow your search. Use the summary chart below to compare the attributes of the different scatterometers, or call of email Pro-Lite to request more detailed information and/or a quotation.

  MicroScan ScatterScope 4 CASI TTS TASC
5 sec 15 sec 5-10 min 5-10 min 5-10 min
No 15 sec No 1-5 hour 1-5 hour
Auto TIS  Est. Yes Est Yes Yes
UV - Near IR  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mid IR  No No Yes No Yes
Visible NEBRDF  10 E-06 sr-1 10 E-06 sr-1 10 E-08 sr-1 10 E-08 sr-1 10 E-08 sr-1
Near Specular  NA 5-10° < 0.1° < 2° < 0.1°
Price  £ ££ £££ £££ £££


The MicroScan Scatterometer

The MicroScan is a compact, affordable, handheld BRDF reflectance scatterometer that employs a single red laser diode and three photodiodes. The system measures specular reflectance at an incident angle of 25° and scattered light at angles of 0 and -50°. Assuming that the surface is optically smooth, isotropic values of the rms roughness from 0.01 to 1.0µm-1 are reported in addition to the associated TIS. The noise floor is about 10-5/sr. The Microscan has been used extensively to monitor the ageing of large optics in hostile environments.

The ScatterScope 4 Scatterometer

The ScatterScope4 is a table-top scatterometer capbable of performing both reflective BRDF and transmissive BTDF scatter measurements. It uses multiple silicon detectors that scan 180 degrees to measure hemispherical and incident plane scatter in both reflection and transmission. It can be equipped with as many as three laser diode sources. It does not measure close to the specular beam and the noise floor is limited to the 10-5/sr to 10-6/sr range. Its huge advantages are speed (1520 seconds per scan) and ease of use. Operators can be trained in just a few minutes. It is an ideal instrument for routine QA testing of optical materials.

The CASI Scatterometer

The CASI Scatterometer is a research-grade instrument that can be configured with multiple laser sources ranging from the near UV to the mid-IR. It uses programmable collection apertures and step sizes to allow measurements within 0.1° from the specular beam and it has a noise floor of about 10-8/sr in the visible, which is limited by scatter from air molecules. It takes a linear incident plane scan at a programmable incident angle. It requires a laboratory with an optical table (not supplied) and benefits from HEPA filtered air flow for some applications. Operator training takes about a week. The CASI ("Completre Angle Scatter Instrument") provies the level of accuracy required for measurements in demanding space science and high energy laser applications.

The TASC Scatterometer

The TASC scatterometer is essentially a CASI that takes hemispherical measurements with manually changed apertures. UV, visible, mid-IR and broadband systems have been built.

The TTS Scatterometer

The TTS Scatterometer is a table top research-grade instrument that measures in both the incident plane (five minutes) and over the complete 2pi hemisphere (one or more hours) from the near UV to the near IR. Measurement of near specular scatter is limited to between 1-2° depending on the sample's scatter levels. The noise floor is limited by air scatter to about 10-8/sr.

Need a Measurement?

Pro-Lite operates a measurement service using the ScatterScope 4 from the SphereOptics ISO certified laboratory in Munich, Germany. Pleasze use our Enquiry Form to request a quotation.

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