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NIR-II Preclinical Multispectral Imager

Photon etc IR VIVO

The IR-VIVO™ from Photon etc is an NIR-II preclinical multispectral imaging system wich provides non-invasive spectral imaging in the first (NIR) and second (NIR-II) biological windows, from 900-1620nPhoton etc IR-VIVOm. The IR-VIVO provides multispectral or hyperspectral infrared imaging for in-vivo research on small animals or other living organisms.

A combination of fast acquisition speed, multicolour imaging, high spatial resolution and good penetration depth means that the IR-VIVO captures both structure and function in its spectral images. Emission of several fluorophores can be isolated with a high-efficiency tunable filter and ultra-low noise scientific-grade InGaAs camera.

IR-VIVO performs multispectral imaging using a filter wheel and hyperspectral imaging with a continuously tunable spectral range from 850 nm to 1620 nm and a spectral resolution of <4nm. By virtue of high-efficiency filters and high-speed scientific grade SWIR cameras,  IR VIVO can accurately isolate the emission of several IR labels. The imager provides the perfect tool for all applications that involve detection in the second biological window.

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Photon etc IR-VIVO

  • Non-ioniSing & non-invasive
  • High spatial resolution
  • Probes for multispectral imaging
    Intrinsic contrast
  • Functional imaging
  • High temporal resolution
  • Good penetration depth (10x greater than traditional optical systems)


The IR-VIVO is ideal for ll in-vivo applications involving detection in the second biological window, in particular drugs, toxicology, diagnostic, IR tracers and labels and development studies. In addition, the IR-VIVO can be used for the evaluation of oxygenated versus deoxygenated blood ratios and nanoparticles distributions.


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