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Near-Field (Imaging) Goniophotometers

Imaging Goniophotometers

Radiant Vision System's near-field (or imaging) goniophotometers takes advantage of an ProMetric CCD imaging photometer or colorimeter to record a 3D luminance model of a light source or display. From this, you can create rayset files used with optical design software for illumination design. Alternatively, the near-field rayset file can be traced to far-field luminous intensity values and standard photometric data files in LDT and IES formats created. Compared with a far-field goniophotometer, a near-field measurement requires less space. In addition, the NFMS near-field goniophotometer is potentially much more flexible, providing for up to 4 types of measurements in one instrument: near-field luminance distribution; far-field luminous intensity distribution; far-field luminous intensity via direct beam projection; and lit area luminance (or colour) uniformity measurements.

FPMS Near-Field Goniophotometer


NFMS Near-Field Goniophotometer


SIG Source Imaging Goniophotometer

FPMS Goniophotometer   Luminaire   Source Imaging Goniophotometer
Radiant Vision System's near-field FPMS combines a fully automated, motorised benchtop goniometer stage with a ProMetric CCD imaging photometer or colorimeter to perform a near-field analysis of the view angle of flat panel displays. With the FPMS you determine the spatial luminance, colour uniformity and view angle performance of the display for one angle at a time.

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  The NFMS from Radiant Vision Systems combines a motorised goniometer stage with a ProMetric CCD imaging photometer to perform a near-field angular analysis of the luminance and colour from medium to large light sources, such as LEDs, luminaires and solid state lighting. ProSource software then scales this to equivalent far-field luminous intensity data from which standard photometric files are generated (IES, EULUMDAT).

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  The SIG-400 from Radiant Vision Systems is a state-of-the-art source imaging goniophotometer. The SIG is used to perform precise, near-field measurements of the luminance and colour versus angle from individual, small to medium light sources (lamps, LEDs). This is the instrument that we use to generate the industry-standard Radiant Source Model rayset files which are used in optical design and ray tracing.

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