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Pro-Lite's measurement services include reflectance, transmittance and scatter (BRDF, BTDF and TIS) and for lighting and display products, we measure the luminous flux, luminance, illuminance, luminous efficacy, CIE chromaticity, colour temperature (CCT) and colour rendering. We perform goniometric measurements to generate photometric data fliles for lighting products, the beam distribution of vehicle lighting and the view angle of displays. We also assess the photobiological risk group of lighting products per EN 62471.

Photobiological Safety Assessment


Photometry: Lighting Products


Photometry: Vehicle Lighting

Photobiological Safety   Photometry   Photometry of Vehicle Lighting

Pro-Lite provides expert, NPL-traceable spectroradiometric measurements from the UV to the IR (200-1700nm) to assess the hazardous exposure levels of lamps and luminaires in accordance with BS EN 62471 and the EU Artificial Optical Radiation Hazard Directive. The service includes the risk group computatio.

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Pro-Lite provides standard photometric data files in IES (.ies) and EULUMDAT (.ldt) formats per IES LM 79-08 and BS EN 13032. We can also report luminous flux (lumens) unified glare ratio (UGR), scotopic lumens and S:P ratio, chromaticity, CCT, colour rendering, luminous efficacy (wall plug efficiency) and power factor.

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Measurements of vehicle lighting include headlamp beam illuminance distributions, the lit area (luminance and colour) uniformity of side and marker lamps and the goniometric luminous intensity distribution of turn signal and side lamps.

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Photometry: Automotive Displays


Photometry: Displays & Signs


Reflectance & Transmittance


Photometry of Signs & Displays



The luminance and colour of vehicle displays and back-illuminated switches is performed using precision spot luminance meters and imaging colorimeters.

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For LCD and LED displays as well as traffic signs and signals, we can measure spot luminance (cd/m2) and colour as well as the full spatial (2D) luminance and colour distribution. We can also measure display view angle and contrast ratio using a gonio-photometer. We can also measure display flicker.

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Certified and traceable measurements of spectral reflectance and transmittance  from 250-2500nm. The measurements are performed using a state-of-the-art, high sensitivity Perkin Elmer spectrophotometer, either Lambda 950 or Lambda 19, which are both equipped with integrating spheres for an 8°/H collection geometry.

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Scatter: BRDF & BTDF




Pro-Lite provides measurements of surface scatter properties, commonly reported in terms of BRDF, BTDF and TIS using a ScatterScope 4 from The Scatter Works.

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