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LSA-3000 LED Goniophotometer

LSA-3000 Goniophotometer

The Labsphere LSA-3000 is a motorised goniophotometer which performs relative luminous intensity measurements versus angle of single LED emitters. When combined with an I-1000 or I-2000 intensity head and CDS-series spectrometer, the LSA-3000 is transformed into a gonio-spectroradiometer which can perform absolute spectral radiant intensity measurements at fixed angles.

The LSA 3000 is controlled using the LightMtrX application software which provides complete control of the LSA-3000's rotational stages. The standard LSA-3000 goniophotometer performs relative luminous intensity measurements over ±90° in inclination and 0 to 360° in azimuth. The measurement resolution can be set at up to 0.1° in inclination and either 1, 2, 5, 10 or 15° in azimuth.

When the LAS-3000 is coupled to an I-1000 or I-2000 intensity head and a CDS-series spectrometer, measurements can be made of the absolute spectral radiant intensity at specific angles. LightMtrX software then accuractely calculates the luminous intensity (in candelas) as well as derived colorimetric parameters such as CIE chromaticity (xy & u'v'), colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin), dominant wavelength (nm) and colour rendering (CRI, Ra).

The LSA-3000 conforms to the requirements for far-field photometric measurements or average intensity per CIE 127 for single LED emitters. The device under test is held in the LSA-3000 with an LS-series LED socket (or user-provided equivalent).

Main Specifications & Ordering Information

Order Code AS-02707-000
Goniometer Type
Type B 2-axis motorised far-field goniophotometer for the
measurement of relative polar intensity of single LED emitters
Standard Detector Silicon photodiode, unfiltered
Inclination Angle ±90°
Azimuth Angle 0 to 360°
Resolution 0.1° (inclination); 1, 2, 5, 10 or 15° (azimuth)
Scan Tiime 9s (fast sweep); 2hr (1° scan)
OPTIONAL CONFIGURATION Allows LSA-3000 to perform absolute spectral
radiant intensity measurements at fixed angles
I-1000 or I-2000 Intensity heads conforming to CIE 127:2007 condition A + B or condition B.
CDS-600 or CDS-610 CCD spectrometer, 350-850nm or 350-1000nm with fibre coupling
IES-1000 Calibration source, spectral radiant intensity, NIST traceable
LPS-100-0167 Current regulated power supply for IES-1000
Measurement Parameters Spectral radiant intensity (W/sr.nm)
  Luminous intensity (cd)
  CIE chromaticity (xy, u'v')
  Correlated colour temperature (CCT, K)
  Dominant wavelength (nm) & purity
  Colour rendering index (CRI, Ra, R1-14)
MtrX-LSA Application software
LS-Series LED Socket See here (or user-provided equivalent)


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