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Labsphere Type D Benchtop Goniospectrometer

Labsphere Type D Benchtop Goniospectrometer

The Labsphere type D goniometer is a compact, affordable, benchtop instrument intended for measuring the photometric performance of small to medium lamps and luminaires in accordance with IES LM79-08. The maximum sample size is 30cm diameter by 22cm deep, and up to 5kg load, making the type D suitable for almost any lamp, module, light engine, spotlight and downlighter type fitting.

The Labsphere type D system is a motorised, two-axis goniometer which employs a fast array spectrometer in place of a traditional photometer cell. This has the advantage of providing for combined measurements of not just the luminous intensity, but also the chromaticity, CCT and colour rendering of the device under test.

Scans can be programmed through one or more C-planes. For rotationally symmetrical devices, this provides for very high speed measurements over single or orthognal C-planes. The type D motion stages maintain the sample inclination during a scan, which is a key requirement of the IES LM79-08 standard. An optional, integrated power meter allows you to measure the power consumption, luminous efficacy and power factor of the device under test.

The directional collection of light by the spectrometer means that measurements can be performed under ambient illumination conditions, although in general, any photometric measurement should ideally be performed in a dark room environment.

The type D is simple and easy to set up and use - although training is provided, no specialist operator skills are required. The system is compact with a footprint of just 165cm long by 60cm wide.

Measurement parameters include:

  • Luminous intensity (peak candelas, candelas versus angle)
  • Total luminous flux (lumens)
  • Beam angle
  • CCT (Kelvin)
  • CRI (Ra, R1-14)
  • Power consuption (Watts)
  • Luminous efficacy (lumens/Watt)
  • Power factor
  • Charting functions: polar intensity in user-defined C-plane/s

Data export: industry-standard IES photometric file format; Excel


  • Calibration source kit
  • Integrated, stabilised AC power supply
  • Integrated, stabilised DC power supply
  • Integrated power meter/harmonics analyser
  • Measurement arm extentions (standard measurement distance is 1m)
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