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Labsphere Type C Moving Detector Goniophotometer

Labsphere Type C Moving Detector Goniophotometer

The Labsphere type C moving detector goniophotometer is a small-format instrument that provides the benefits of C-type photometry in a smaller package than typical mirror based goniometers, such as our own type C moving mirror system. It is ideal for measuring replacement lamps and small to medium luminaires which have an illuminated area of less than 210mm dia. (max. luminaire size of 305 by 305mm).

In a type C motion system, the device under test is held facing vertically up or down, and does not tilt during a scan. This maintains precise thermal heat transfer paths during the scan and is a requirement of IES LM79. Instead, either the photometer cell moves in an arc about the sample. A further advantage of the type C motion system is the ability to scan the device under test over 360° of azimuth - meaning that you obtain the complete light output measurement over all angles in a single scan. In comparison, type A and B goniometers require that the sample is flipped over if you need to obtain both forwards and backwards going light.

The type C moving detector goniophotometer requires a smaller photometric dark room than a moving mirror system. We recommend a room which measures 3.7 by 4.3 by 3.6m. Please speak to Pro-Lite for assistance with designing your lab.

Measurement parameters include:

  • Luminous intensity (peak candelas, candelas versus angle)
  • Total luminous flux (lumens)
  • Beam angle
  • OPTIONAL: power consuption (Watts), luminous efficacy (lumens/Watt) & power factor
  • Charting functions: polar intensity in user-defined C-plane/s

Data export: industry-standard IES photometric file format; delimited text; Excel


  • Colour uniformity measurement
  • Selectable points measurement scans
  • Relative photometry measurement
  • Edison base bulb mounting fixture
  • Detector spectral correction
  • NIST traceable power measurement
  • NIST traceable calibration sources
  • Thermocouple integration
  • Temperature logging
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • IES LM-79 automated test protocol
  • DC power supply, 500 W
  • AC power supply, 1200 W
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