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Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometers

Integrating Sphere & Half Moon Spectroradiometers from Labsphere

Labsphere integrating sphere spectroradiometers provide the fastest means of measuring the total light output of lamps, LEDs, luminaires and solid state lighting. Unlike scanning monochromators, our array spectrometers capture a full spectrum (350-1000nm) in a flash. Sphere sizes range from 25cm to 3m, which means that we have a solution for testing any size of light fitting. Part of the modular Labsphere spectroradiometer system that includes accessories for measuring spectral irradiance and LED CIE 127 average intensity.

ILLUMIA-LITE® Spectroradiometer


ILLUMIA-PLUS® Spectroradiometers


ILLUMIA-PRO® Spectroradiometers

Illumia-Lite    10" Interior Access Integrating Sphere   40" Integrating Sphere

The ILLUMIA-LITE® is a handheld integrating sphere system that's perfect for measuring the total flux and colour of single LEDs and other small lamps and light sources.

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Labsphere ILLUMIA-PLUS® spectroradiometers are based upon interior access integrating spheres with diameters from 25cm to 3m. All models are can be configured to measure the 4pi flux from centrally mouned samples or the 2pi forward flux from samples placed at the external source port.

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The Labsphere ILLUMIA-PRO® series of integrating sphere systems provide complete thermal, optical and electrical characterisation of LEDs and LED modules in accordance with IES LM 79 & 80. Based upon 50, 100, 165 and 195cm interior access spheres with provision for both 2pi & 4pi measurements.

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LightMtrX Software


FS-2 Flashlight Spectroradiometers


Half Moon Spectroradiometers

LightMtrX Software   FS2 Integrating Sphere   Half Moon
Labsphere's LightMtrX software performs spectroradiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurements of LEDs and other light sources together with a CDS spectrometer and your choice of integrating sphere or other collection optics.

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The FS2-series are specialist spectroradiometers purpose-designed for accurate and reproducible luminous flux measurements with narrow beam angle flashlights (torches) based upon LEDs as well as tungsten, xenon and krypton bulbs. Sphere sizes of 10, 20 & 40-inches.

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The HMS-series of "Half Moon" integrating hemispheres are novel spectroradiometers that are ideally suited to measuring the forward flux from solid state lighting downlighters. By mounting the sample and its drive electronics outside of the hemisphere, thermal management problems are much reduced and measurement speed and accuracy are improved.

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E-1000 Irradiance Head


I-1000 & I-2000 Intensity Heads


NEW! Labsphere LFC Spectroradiometers

E-1000 Irradiance Head

  Intensity Head  

The E-1000 is an integrating sphere-based sensor head with a near-perfect cosine response that is used for measurements of the spectral irradiance of light sources. Your complete spectroradiometer system will also include a CDS-series spectrometer and LightMtrX software.

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Part of the modular Labsphere spectroradiometer system, the I-1000 & I-2000 are sensor heads that provide for measurements of the average (near-field) radiant intensity of individual LEDs in accordance with CIE publication number 127, condition A & B. Your complete spectroradiometer system will also include a CDS-series spectrometer and LightMtrX software.

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Labsphere LFC integrating sphere photometers are a perfect entry-level solution for lighting product manufacturers concerned with value-for-money. Sphere sizes available are 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0m diameter. Turn-key sphere systems with the option of a stabilised AC supply and AC power metering are available.

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