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Westboro Photonics Imaging Colorimeter

An imaging photometer or colorimeter is a powerful, CCD-or CMOS-based instrument that provides for vastly increased productivity compared with ‘spot’ luminance meters and colorimeters. An imaging photometer can measure the illuminance, luminance or colour of millions of points simultaneously. Our latest models from Westboro Photonics feature sensors with up to 12 megapixels for enhanced image quality, measurement accuracy and defect detection capabilities for applications in automotive and avionics displays and controls, in vehicle lighting, near-to-eye displays, flat panel displays, lit area uniformity of lighting products and in projected beam pattern analysis of lamps and LEDs.

Imaging Photometers & Colorimeters

Imaging Photometers


Imaging Colorimeters


Photometrica Software

Imaging Photometer   Imaging Colorimeter   Westboro Photonics Photopia Software

Westboro Photonics imaging photometers are offered with a choice of 2 to 12 mega pixel sensors for the measurement of 2D luminance (cd/m2), illuminance (lux) and view angle. The latest SMART series employ advanced CMOS sensors for higher speeds, lower noise and a wider dynamic range.

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Westboro Photonics imaging colorimeters are available with CCD sensors of 0.5 to 12 mega pixels for the measurement of 2D luminance, illuminance, view angle, chromaticity and CCT. The latest models feature optional electronic lens control and integrated spectrometer for enhanced accuracy.

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The full range of photometers and colorimeters from Westboro Photonics leverages the  sophisticated Photometrica® software suite offering complete control of your measurement system from photometric image acquisition to detailed analysis and reporting.

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Beam Pattern Testing


View Angle Testing



Imaging Photometer for Beam Pattern Analysis   Imaging Photometer as Conoscopic View Angle Tester    

The Westboro BP100 is a compact, portable photometric or colorimetric measurement accessory enabling fast and precise beam pattern measurements of directional light sources and fiber optic illuminators. The method uses a diffusely transmitting screen to provide a flat image that can be measured by an imaging photometer or colorimeter.

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The Westboro CONOMETER® 80 is the ideal instrument for measuring luminance, contrast, and gamma of emissive displays as a function of viewing angle. Compared with alternative Fourier (conoscopic) lens systems, the Conometer is much more affordable and provides a field of view of 80°.

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