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Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers

Holographic diffusers shape and send the light where you want it to go

Pro-Lite supplies holographic, light-shaping diffusers (LSDs) from Luminit. Compared with traditional transmission diffuser material, a holographic diffuser provides for precise control of the shape of the transmitted beam, in addition to homogenising the light and providing for excellent hiding of the light source and reduction of undesirable hot-spots. Holograhpic diffusers are an enabling technology in many lighting, automotive and display applications.

High Transmission Efficiency

Luminit’s holographic Light Shaping Diffusers offer superior optical transmission between 300 and 1500nm - up to 92%. Depending on the angle of distribution, LSDs will achieve between 85% and 92% transmission efficiency. The low back-scatter of LSD structures are anti-reflective in nature and utilise light that would otherwise be wasted due to Fresnel loss. A clear piece of polycarbonate substrate is 89% transmissive. With LSD, transmission improves to 92%. Please note that Luminit reports total hemispherical transmittance based on measurements performed using an integrated sphere with the LSD structure facing the light source. Listed are the transmission efficiencies of a 10° LSD measured at the following wavelengths (UV Transmitting Diffusers are also available):

  • 532nm: 90%Luminit Transmittance
  • 632nm: 90%
  • 850nm: 89%
  • 980nm: 89%
  • 1064nm: 89%
  • 1550nm: 88%





Control Where the Light Goes

LSDs precisely shape, control and distribute the transmitted light. The patented holographic master recording process allows a variety of circular or elliptical light patterns. Standard circular angles range from 0.5° to 100° FWHM.

Homogenise Your Light

“Hotspots” and uneven light distribution are common problems with filament, arc, LED, CCFL, fiberoptic and laser light sources. LSDs greatly smooth and homogenise sources while providing uniform light in critical applications such as LCD backlights, LED displays, machine vision, automotive lighting and viewing screens. Large angle LSDs produce the greatest degree of homogenized light.

Luminit Holographic Diffusers


Applications for Luminit light shaping diffusers include LED lighting and display, LCD display backlighting, signs and displays, machine vision and medical instrumentation.

How do Holographic Light Shaping Diffusers Work?

LSD surface relief holograms are replicated from a holographically recorded master. The pseudo random, non-periodic structures can be thought of as randomised micro-lenslets. LSDs are non-wavelength dependent and will work with white, monochromatic, coherent or incoherent light. LSDs diverge light, emulating a negative lens. While LSDs work best with collimated light, they will also work well with non-collimated sources. The randomised structures eliminate Moiré and colour diffraction, and incoming light is precisely controlled within well defined areas. Light does not escape these boundaries, resulting in greater control and utilisation of light, thus maximising photon utilisation.

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