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Pro-Lite provides a rental service for a variety of professional-grade light meters for measuring the colour and brightness of light sources and displays. We hire out lux meters, photometers, colorimeters, spectroradiometers and spot luminance meters. Rental of our light measurement equipment can be a cost-effective solution for short term projects, or if you need to temporarily expand your in-house capabilities. Our light meters can be used to measure the "brightness" and colour of displays and all manner of light sources (lamps, luminaires, LEDs etc). All equipment is supplied with an up-to-date calibration that is certified as traceable to national or international standards. Even better, full technical and applications support is only a phone call away - with Pro-Lite you are dealing with light measurement experts.

The equipment that is available for hire is described below. To find out about rental prices, our terms and conditions of hire, equipment availability or to ask for informed advice on what equipment you need for a particluar type of measurement, either call Pro-Lite on +44 (0) 1234 436110, or click here to use our convenient enquiry form.

CL-200 Lux Meter Colorimeter


SL-3101 Scotopic/
Photopic Lux Meter


LS-100 Spot Luminance Meter

T10     LS-100

The Konica Minolta CL-200 is a portable colorimeter that reports the illuminance in lux (lx) as well as the CIE chromaticity (xy, u'v') and correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin) of light sources. Can also be used to measure luminous intensity in candelas. The CL-200 has a calibration traceable to international standards for both illuminance and colour.

» CL-200A Specifications


The SL-3101 photometer measures both photopic and scotopic illuminance and automatically computes the      S:P ratio of the light source under test. Using two sensor heads connected to a single portable meter, the SL-3101 provides a more meaningful measure of the effective illuminance of light sources under low light level conditions. The measurement of S:P ratio is called for in BS 5489-1:2012 Code of Practice for Design of Road Lighting and in the ILP’s Professional Lighting Guide, PLG 03 (2012).

»  SL-3101 Specifications


The Konica Minolta LS-100 is a portable spot photometer that reports the "brightness" (luminance) of light sources or displays in candelas per square meter (cd/m2). The LS-100 has a minimum measurement spot size of 14.4mm diameter at a 1014mm working distance. The LS-100 has a calibration traceable to international standards.

» LS-100 Specifications


Brontes Luminance Colorimeter


Specbos 1201 Spectroradiometer




Brontes Colorimeter   Specbos  

The Brontes from Admesy is a high speed luminance colorimeter that can record up to 5,500 colour or 18,500 luminance measurements per second. The Brontes is a tristimulus colorimeter based upon three photodiodes with a spectral response matched to the CIE 1931 2° XYZ observer functions by means of precision interference filters.

Measurement parameters include luminance (cd/m2), flicker, XYZ tristimulus values, chromaticity (xy, u'v', L*a*b*), correlated colour temperature (Kelvin) and dominant wavelength (nm).

The Brontes requires a PC with USB interface. Software is supplied. The Brontes is powered over the USB connection.

» Brontes Specifications


The Specbos 1201 is a fast, miniaturised, broadband spectroradiometer covering the visible wavelength range from 380-780nm. The Specbos is multi-function and can be used for measurements of both spectral irradiance and spectral radiance, with measurement spot sizes from 4mm. A built-in red laser pointing device allows you to easily aim the Specbos at the desired measurement spot.

The Specbos reports illuminance (lux), luminance (cd/m2), CIE xy chromaticity, CCT, dominant wavelength and colour rendering (CRI, Ra).

The Specbos requires a PC with USB interface. Software is supplied. THe Specbos is powered over the USB interface.

» Specbos Specifications




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