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Cronus High Speed Flicker Photometer

Cronus Flicker Photometer

The Cronus from Admesy is world’s first spectrocolorimeter combining a VIS spectrometer with a high speed XYZ tristimulus colorimeter. This allows the user to measure spectrum, colour, and flicker of displays and LED-based solid state lighting (SSL). The Cronus is available with fixed optics (1cm2 cosine diffuser for illuminance measurements or 10 or 20mm lenses for luminance measurements), or with an optical fibre connector. Luminance and illuminance measurements are sampled at 50,000 times a second.

The Cronus has been developed with the problem of flicker from SSL in mind. As LED lighting is dimmed, visible flicker can become apparent. This is a very undesirable phenomenon and the Cronus will automatically calculate and report the degree of flicker in accordance with published IESNA metrics (flicker index and flicker percentage).

The spectrometer channel of the Cronus measures over the 380-780nm visible wavelength range and provides for measurements of chromaticity, CCT and colour rendering index.

The Chronus is supplied with Illiad PCsoftware - communication to the PC is via high speed USB, RS232 or an Ethernet coinnection.













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