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LED Screen Correction Services

VisionTUNE™ by Radiant Imaging is an LED Screen Correction Service through which we are able to perform on-site LED Screen maintenance of any LED display to guarantee uniformity in LED luminance and colour skew; from sports, advertising to rental displays.

LED screens in sports stadiums or advertising displays can often appear patchy, grainy, or oversaturated. Far from being an effective medium for communication, screens like this can actually be eyesores. There are many factors complicit in the poor visual performance of an LED screen, and not only older screens are affected. Even newer screens can have mismatched tiles, leading to a patchwork-quilt effect. Also, manufacturing variability can cause same-color LEDs to have differences in brightness and color output perceivable by eye. And as LEDs age, their brightness diminishes, with red, green, and blue LEDs all degrading at different rates. This in turn causes mixed colors to drift from normal targets and accounts for the pink-tinged whites seen in older screens.
Often these problems are thought of as unavoidable limitations of LED technology—but this doesn't have to be the case! Radiant Imaging has years of experience in correcting LED screens, and as part of the VisionTUNE™ services, experts Pro-Lite can correct your screen on-site, measuring and optimizing the performance of each individual LED in order to make your entire screen look like new. 
This is done with a PM-Series™ Imaging Colorimeter and Radiant Imaging's own VisionCAL™ correction software. New coefficients can be generated and uploaded to the video screen to balance the red, green, and blue output that comprise each pixel, resulting in a vastly improved color gamut and crisp, pleasing images. Screen owners will benefit from a like-new LED screen at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Radiant's VisionTUNE services are as follows:
VisionTUNE Screen Assessment
We provide an independent evaluation of your LED screen so you can assess if the screen is within performance specifications, or to decide what should be done to improve its performance.
This service includes:
  • On-site measurement of the LED screen's performance, covering every single LED, screen pixel, and screen tile.
  • A full performance evaluation, including screen brightness (luminance), brightness uniformity, colour uniformity, color gamut, and white point.
  • A detailed, quantitative report on screen performance, including pixel level and tile level variations. This eliminates subjective opinion and guesswork.
VisionTUNE Screen Correction
This service includes everything listed under the Screen Assessment, and adds:
  • Generation of optimal correction coefficients for the LED screen.
  • Implementation of the correction either directly in the LED screen (if supported) or using VisionLINK™.
  • Correction of spare tiles so that screen appearance can be maintained through the course of ordinary screen maintenance. Including a VisionMATCH™ device is also an option.
  • The detailed report will include a before and after description of screen performance.
VisionTUNE Screen Maintenance
This service covers what needs to be done to keep a corrected screen looking its best. There are two main components:
  • Methods for correcting spare or standalone tiles using VisionMATCH for a precise match of brightness and color.
  • Regular VisionTUNE "tune-ups", either on a pre-scheduled basis (usually every 1 to 3 years) or when the LED screen ages enough for its appearance to visibly deteriorate.



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