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Maintaining an LED screen's visual appearance in throughout its life requires a combination of regular calibrations and visual maintenance. Once an LED screen has been corrected to achieve optimal brightness and colour uniformity with VisionCAL™, this appearance must be maintained as LED performance degrades and when LED modules need to be replaced. Regular screen correction allows screen performance to be recovered, and Radiant Imaging's VisionMATCH™ system allows replacement modules to be matched to overall screen performance.

Replacing LED screen modules introduces mismatched "patches"...
When an LED screen module is replaced it often does not match the brightness and colour of the rest of the screen. This happens because the replacement module—even though it has been calibrated to the same brightness and colour standards as the rest of the screen—ages differently than the screen. It does not experience the same conditions as the modules used in the screen, and so is often clearly different in appearance when you install them in the LED screen—resulting in a "patched" look on the screen (like patching a tent with unfaded new fabric). Sometimes this appearance mismatch can be fixed by manually adjusting module colour and brightness parameters, but this approach is not always possible and, if it is, is often a matter of trial and error.
...that can be eliminated on-site with VisionMATCH™ LED screen module matching
With the introduction of Radiant Imaging's VisionMATCH™ system, matching replacement module appearance to that of the LED screen can be done easily and accurately. The VisionMATCH™ module corrector measures the brightness level and colour coordinates of the replacement modules and its neighbors. By comparing this data, the optimal adjustment to the replacement module’s correction coefficients can be made so that it matches its neighbors as closely as possible—resulting in a smooth, uniform appearance.
With application to fixed and rental LED screens
VisionMATCH™ is a component of Radiant Imaging's Vision System for LED video screen performance management and maintenance. By measuring the brightness and colour of each individual LED in an LED video screen, VisionCAL™ software generates an optimal set of correction parameters to meet brightness and colour uniformity, and colour gamut, targets. These correction coefficients define the optimal adjustments that result in the best possible visual performance for your LED video screen.
VisionMATCH™ can be used with any LED video screen. For screens with built-in correction capabilities, VisionMATCH™ adjustments can be downloaded directly. Otherwise they can be applied directly in a VisionLINK™ correction processor. For rental screens, VisionMATCH™ can be used to adjust LED video panels to a predefined performance target—making it easy reset panels before putting them together in a new screen installation.
Sounds easy? It is!
VisionMATCH™ is designed to be used on-site, in the field, right when a module is being replaced. The process takes just a few minutes, but the improvement in appearance is obvious and dramatic. In addition, the VisionMATCH™ module corrector is available in various sizes to match your screen geometry.



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