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Because of the nature of LED technology, LEDs gradually diminish in brightness as they are used. Individual LEDs age somewhat randomly, with different colours losing brightness at different rates. For LED video screens, this means that noticeable pixel-to-pixel brightness and colour variations are inevitable over time. In addition, when modules in an LED screen are replaced they tend not to match the brightness and colour cast of the rest of the screen because they have not gone through the same aging process.

LED screen visual performance can be maintained at like-new levels

To keep the LED screen looking like-new requires compensating for the changes in LED performance on a regular basis by “correcting” the LED screen: rebalancing it to eliminate pixel and module brightness and colour variations. For LED screens with support for correction built into the video controller, this is accomplished by measuring the current screen performance on a pixel-by-pixel basis using Radiant Imaging’s VisionCAL™ system and generating an updated set of correction coefficients to be applied to the displayed image.
Even “uncorrectable” screens can have improved visual performance with VisionLINK™

Unfortunately, many older screens and some new ones do not have integrated correction capabilities. For these LED video screens, pixel-level correction has historically been unavailable, so the deterioration of screen visual appearance has been continual and unstoppable.
With the introduction of VisionLINK™, Radiant Imaging’s LED correction processor, this is no longer the case. By putting VisionLINK™ in-line with the DVI video signal feed to the LED screen, VisionLINK™ applies the same correction methodology used for correctable screens to the video signal sent to the screen. By modifying the video feed to compensate for the non-uniformity of the LED screen, the screen image is corrected to achieve “like-new” brightness and colour uniformity.
Both new and existing LED video screens can be corrected to optimize appearance and to recover optimal performance. With VisionLINK’s control software, correction parameter information is easily managed so the system can be used for both fixed venue LED screens and mobile, reconfigurable rental screens. Each VisionLINK™ processor has enough power to support LED screen resolutions up to HD video quality.
VisionLINK™ is part of a complete LED screen visual appearance maintenance system

VisionLINK&trade is key component of Radiant Imaging's Vision System for LED video screen performance management and maintenance, enabling VisionCAL™-optimized performance to be realized even for screens without built-in video processing capability. Once an LED screen has been corrected to achieve optimal brightness and colour uniformity, this appearance must be maintained as LED performance degrades and when LED modules are replaced. Regular screen correction using VisionCAL™ allows screen performance to be recovered, and Radiant Imaging's VisionMATCH™ system allows replacement modules to be matched to overall screen performance.
So what does it take to get started?

Radiant Imaging's VisionTUNE™ services are available to correct any LED video screen or panel—we will perform the necessary measurements, computations, and implementation—leaving in place a fully configured VisionLINK™ processor correcting the video in real-time. And if you want more control, you can get the VisionCAL™ system and implement the LED video screen optimization yourself.



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