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SIG-400 Source Imaging Goniophotometer


Radiant Imaging’s SIG-400 is a fully automated, computer-controlled goniophotometer system designed specifically to meet the needs of LED researchers, developers, manufacturers and users for LED die and device characterisation. The SIG-400 can measure a wide range of devices, from LED dies to complete luminaires with sizes from 0.6 to 225mm. The SIG-400 is constrained to measuring samples in a vertical orientation only and uses a high resolution PM-1600F-series ProMetric imaging colorimeter or photometer to generate highly accurate near-field models of the device under test This data can be used directly to investigate the performance of the LED or it can be exported, via ProSource software, for use in all major optical design software packages.

The SIG-400 is Radiant Imaging's fourth generation of the Source Imaging Goniometer and the realisation of over 15 years of experience in light source measurement. By merging Radiant's latest advances in imaging colorimetry, robust mechanical design (to provide industry leading accuracy), and easy-to-use control software, the SIG-400 can be readily applied to a broad range of measurement applications. And by focusing on the needs of LED measurement, the SIG-400 is very cost effective.

The SIG-400 captures and aggregates images and flux measurements from thousands of angular viewpoints around a light source to precisely characterise the source's near-field output. The SIG-400 supports measurement of vertically-oriented light sources and can be ordered with both microscope and extended field-of-view optics, thus providing the flexibility to measure both LEDs and other light sources.

The SIG-400 system consists of a PM-Series imaging colorimeter, a goniometric assembly for positioning the imaging colorimeter and the light source relative to each other, and SIG 1.0 control and analysis software. The SIG-400 captures images of the light source from multiple angles, building a 3-dimensional near-field spatial image of the colour and luminance output of the device. These measurements are aggregated into a Radiant Source Model format, which is a detailed, industry-standard model for light source near-field data representation. RSMs contain all of the measurement information, including the image data, so the measurement results can be reviewed in detail at any time. RSMs are used to compare the optical properties and design of various LEDs and to generate input to optical design software for use in luminaire and optical system design.

Applying ProSource software to the RSM, ray sets containing an arbitrary number of rays can be generated for export to other optical and illumination system design software packages such as ASAP, FRED, LightTools, LucidShape, Opticad, OSLO, SimuLux, SPEOS, TracePro, and Zemax, as well as general file formats. Because the RSM is a complete description of the light source, it can be used to generate and regenerate ray sets at will - smaller numbers of rays for rough design and a large number of rays for final design - making the overall design process more efficient and accurate.

Key Specifications

SIG-400 Specifications
Goniophotometer Type Type C 2-axis motorised source imaging (near-field) goniophotometer for
the measurement of polar luminance & chromaticity  of LEDs and other small
light sources
ProMetric PM-1600F-series imaging photometer/colorimeter with
full frame CCD and 2-stage thermoelectric cooler
ND Filters ND0, 1 & 2 standard; up to ND5 optional
Goniometer Motion Inclination: to within 37° of lamp axis
  Azimuth: -10 to 370°
Goniometer Resolution 0.10° (azimuth & inclination)
Goniometer Run Out 0.015mm (mechanical-optical-software)
Spectral Sensitivity PM-1600F-0 Photometer PM-1600F-1 Colorimeter
  Matched to CIE V(lambda)
photopic observer function
Matched to CIE tristimulus XYZ
colour matching functions
CCD Bit Depth 16-bits  (65,536:1) dynamic range
CCD Resolution Either 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024 pixel CCD options
Field of View 512 x 512 pixel CCD 1024 x 1024 pixel CCD
Standard FOV 2, 4, 7, 12, 25 & 50mm 5, 10, 18, 30, 60 & 125mm
Extended FOV (Micro) 0.6mm 1.3mm
Extended FOV (Macro) 90mm 225mm

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