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CL-500A Spectral Lux Meter

The CL-500A is a new type of lux meter - a lux meter that is based on a spectrometer to provide accurate illuminance and colour measurements with any type of light source - including RGB LEDs. The CL-500A is a simple "point-and-shoot" handheld device that is battery operated and fully portable - no PC is required. A USB interface does allow you to download your measurements for storage and analysis if you wish. Being a spectral instrument, the CL-500A can also report the colour rendering performance (CRI, Ra, R1-14) of the light source under test.  In July 2013 a software upgrade was introduced to add more features to the lux meter and make it even more user friendly*


The CL-500A is a compact, lightweight illuminance meter that can be used not only for illuminance measurements but also for spectral evaluation of next generation lamps such as LEDs, OLEDs and electro-luminescent (EL) illumination.

The CL-500A makes use of a spectrometer with array detector which enables it to measure the colour rendering performance of lighting. The CL-500A will measure and display the CRI (Ra) as well as the individual indices from R1 through R14. Another benefit to using a spectral based detector is the ability to display spectral distributions in a graphical form. Being a spectroradiometer means it is well suited to measuring narrow bandwidth light sources including LEDs, OLEDs, ultra high pressure lamps (UHP) etc. To understand how ordinary filter photometers and colorimeters can mis-report the colour and brightness of narrow spectrum light sources, download our Spectroradiometry Primer.
The CL-500A computes and reports your chosen parameters on its built-in LCD display. These include illuminance in lux and foot-candles, correlated colour temperature (CCT) in Kelvin, CIE chromaticity in xy and u’v’ colour spaces, tristimulus values XYZ, Duv, dominant wavelength and excitation purity.

The CL-500A's portable design does not require it to be tethered to a PC. The CL-500A can be used by itself virtually anywhere the colour, illuminance and rendering of lighting needs to be checked. In addition, the spectral irradiance waveform and peak wavelength can also be checked directly on the unit.

With the standard data management software (CL-S10w) included you can download stored measurement data directly

to Microsoft Excel. The software also allows you to display spectral irradiance values, spectral waveform, chart colour rendering indices and perform an LED binning function.

* With the new July 2013 software, the CL-500A can display MacAdam SDCM (standard deviation of colour matching) levels.  Furthermore, both photopic and scotopic illuminance can be displayed along with the S/P radio of scotopic and photopic illuminance. The updated user interface also helps define changes in CIE colour space.

For existing CL-500A customers using a previous version of the CL-10Sw a software upgrade can be downloaded at





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