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Pro-Lite is a specialist photonics company and supplier of optics, lasers, laser safety equipment, opto-mechanics as well as light measurement, remote sensing, spectroscopy, photometry and spectral imaging equipment. The Pro-Lite Group comprises Pro-Lite UK (this web site), Photometric & Optical Testing Services which is our independent measurement laboratory, SphereOptics GmbH which is our Germany subsidiary providing sales and service in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Eastern Europe, Pro-Lite Technology France, which provides sales and service in France and (last but not least) Pro-Lite Technology Iberia which serves customers in Spain and Portugal.

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Newport Corion Thin Film Stabilife Dielectric Filters

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Feb 2017: New tech note addresses the issue of photometric flicker from LEDs

Oct 2016: Wasatch Photonics partners with Pro-Lite, offers "world's fastest spectrometers" for fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy

Wasatch spectrometers for fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy

Jul 2016: Pro-Lite Iberia opens for business in Barcelona, serves customers in Spain & Portugal

Jun 2016: Labsphere upgrades integrating sphere photometers to Illumia Plus spec - many enhancements to make them easier to use and measurements more accurate

Labsphere Illumia Plus Integrating Sphere Photometers

Jun 2016: Pro-Lite now offers the Labsphere range of far-field goniophotometers, suitable for testing automotive lighting, traffic signals and general lighting products

Labsphere Goniophotometer

Jun 2016: Labsphere releases HELIOS and TruLume - the next generation of integrating sphere uniform light sources for testing electronic imaging devices and ground truthing satellite remote sensing instrumentation

Labsphere HELIOS Uniform Light Source

Apr 2016: Spectroscopy expert Dr Nick Barnett joins Pro-Lite from Ocean Optics to lead our new Spectroscopy, Remote Sensing and Spectral Imaging Group

Nov 2015: ProMetric Y-Series imaging photometer now available with up to 29 megapixels for enhanced resolution

Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric Y29 Imaging Photometer

Nov 2015: Pro-Lite to serve the remote sensing market with hyperspectral cameras from Cubert and UV-SWIR spectroradiometers from Spectral Evolution




Living Lighting Workshop

Living Lighting Workshop

4 Apr 2017, London

2017 Training & Seminars

Konica Minolta CL-70F Colorimeter 

Photometry Training:

2-3 Mar
15-16 Jun
21-22 Sep
7-8 Dec

Laservision Laser Safety Eyewear

Laser Safety Training:

14-15 Mar
3-4 Oct

Photobiological Safety Training

Photobiological Safety Training:

2017 dates TBC

Exhibitions & Conferences

2017 Events TBC



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Remote Sensing

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Cubert Hyperspectral Imager

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Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer for Diffuse Reflectance Measurement

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