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Pro-Lite is a specialist photonics company and supplier of optics, lasers, laser safety equipment, opto-mechanics as well as light measurement and photometry equipment. The Pro-Lite Group comprises Pro-Lite UK (this web site), Photometric & Optical Testing Services which is our independent measurement laboratory, SphereOptics GmbH which is our Germany subsidiary providing sales and service in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Eastern Europe and Pro-Lite Technology France, which provides sales and service in France.

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Pro-Lite supplies radiometers, photometers, colorimeters, spectrometers, integrating spheres, spectrophotometers, optical detectors and goniophotometers for measuring the brightness, colour, rendering quality and spatial or angular distribution of lasers, LEDs, light sources, displays and signs. We also supply instruments for measuring the optical properties of materials, including reflectance, transmittance, colour, BRDF / BTDF scatter, sunscreen SPF, and phosphor photoluminescence and quantum yield.  » More   

Pro-Lite supplies a variety of lasers and laser diode modules for applications in life sciences, analytical instrumentation, metrology and materials processing. We also supply integrating sphere uniform light sources for testing and calibrating cameras and digital imaging equipment and for calibrating ground-based and satellite remote sensing instruments. We also supply solar simulators for testing photo voltaic (PV) materials and for in-vitro testing of sunscreen SPF and Colipa UVAPF. » More


► Feb 2015: Electro Optics magazine publishes a review of Pro-Lite » More


► Oct 2014: New P1L07 filter provides broadband laser safety protection for ultrafast & supercontinuum lasers » More

P1L07 Filter

► Aug 2014: New generation ProMetric imaging photometers released by Radiant Zemax - the future of light measurement has arrived!
» More

ProMetric Y-Series

► Aug 2014: The new Cronus high-speed photometer measures the flicker of SSL and displays » More


► Aug 2014: Pro-Lite has been appointed distributor for the new Otsuka Photal QE-2000 quantum efficiency spectrophotometer » More

Otsuka Photal QE-2000

► Mar 2014: Pro-Lite opens for business in France with the formation of Pro-Lite France based in Bordeaux » More

Pro-Lite France

► Dec 2013: Pro-Lite has been appointed to distribute the diffraction grating products made by Richardson Gratings.
» More




► Schedule of training courses:

Photometry & Light Measurement

 > Cheltenham 26-27 Mar
 > Cheltenham 10-11 Sept
 > Cheltenham 26-27 Nov

Laser Safety Training

 > Cranfield 22-23 Apr
 > Cranfield 21-22 Oct

Photobiological Safety

 > Cheltenham 21 April
 > Cheltenham 9 Sept


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Controlling Light
Pro-Lite supplies optics and equipment for controlling the amount, position and colour of light, from optics, crystals and optical materials to dichroic filters and diffraction gratings, from precision opto-mechanics to positioning equipment and from laser modulators and Q-switches to laser safety eyewear and protective curtain systems. » More  

Pro-Lite provides equipment hire, training courses in laser safety, light measurement and photobiological safety, independent measurement services, creation of Radiant Source Model files for ray tracing computations, IES and LDT files for lighting design, and custom reflector coating and Spectralon reflector fabrication services. » More